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Adrian Ivanescu, MD, PhD
Lecturer, Anatomy Department, UMFST G.E. Palade Targu Mures
Senior orthopedic surgeon, Orthopedic and traumatology Clinic, Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Mures

Adrian Ivanescu is a lecturer of anatomy, neuroanatomy and embriology at the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology „George Emil Palade” of Targu Mures (UMFST) and a senior orthopedic surgeon in the Orthopedic and traumatology Clinic in the Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Mures. He joined the Orthopedic and traumatology Clinic team in 2005 as a resident doctor, and he was admitted as a teaching assistant in anatomy.

In 2008 he enrolled the doctoral studies and obtained her PhD degree in 2011 under the mentorship of prof. dr. Klara Brinzaniuc with the thesis Anatomoclinical, Immunohistochemical and Kinematic Studies regarding the Reconstruction of Osteochondral Defects of the Knee" 2011. field of MEDICINE.

The didactic activity concreted with the appearance of the first book of practical works on neuroanatomy and the organization for the first time in our university of neuroanatomy conferences with practical applications (portable EEG with bluetooth EMOTIV EPOC technology and a Plexiglas brain made after MRI sections traversed by neural microcircuits which reproduce brain activity) as well as in the 3D anatomy laboratory. Also, under the NEUROn brand registered at OSIM, we created, for the first time in our country, a 4K video support with all the practical works of neuroanatomy explained on isolated anatomical preparations in the dissection room within our discipline, which is meant to facilitate the preparation of students for exams and to allow them and facilitate the individual study of anatomical preparations.

Besides academic and clinical interests, Adrian is currently enrolled on master’s studies in the field of neuroanatomy ,neurology and neuroscience , works that are highlighted in ISI-indexed publications.

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