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Assoc. Prof. dr. Constantin MUNTEANU, PhD in Biology

Assoc. Prof. (Bioclimatology, Hydrothermotherapy, and Physiology), University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Gr. T. Popa ”, Iași President of the Romanian Association of Balneology, Vice President of the Romanian Society of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Balneoclimatology, Editor-in-Chief of the Balneo and PRM Research Journal Scientific Researcher III, Principal Biologist, “Bagdasar - Arseni” Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine, and Balneoclimatology Research Center, Scientific researcher III, Principal Biologist, “Ovidius” University of Constanța, Cell Biology Platform, Research Center for Morphological and Genetic Study in Malignant Pathology.

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