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Laura Chinezu MD, PhD
Lecturer in Histology, G.E. Palade UMFST Targu Mures
Senior Consultant in Pathology, IML Targu Mures

Laura Chinezu is a lecturer in Histology at the G. E. Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology, Targu Mures (UMFST) and a senior consultant in Pathology in the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Targu Mures. Her research interests are related to neuropathology, endocrine pathology (pituitary gland) and forensic histopathology.

Between 2011-2013 she performed her PhD research in the Laboratory of Histology and Molecular Biology, University of Medicine, Lyon 1, Lyon, France under supervision of renowned Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Trouillas and Prof. Dr. Gerald Raverot.

She defended her PhD thesis in 2014, entitle "New Pathological Markers Useful In The Management Of Pituitary Tumors, Especially GH Tumors With Or Without Acromegaly".

From 2016 she is an active member of European Pituitary Pathology Group (EPPG). The EPPG is a group of European pathologists, endocrinologists and scientists with interest and expertise in sellar pathology.

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