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Prof. Dr. Rodica Balasa, MD, PhD
Director of Doctoral School I.O.S.U.D. UMFST G.E. Palade of Targu Mures
Head of the Neurology Department, UMFST G.E. Palade of Targu Mures
Head of Neurology 1 Clinic, Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Mures

Rodica Balasa is a professor of neurology at the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology „George Emil Palade” of Targu Mures (UMFST) and head of the Neurology 1 Clinic in the Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Mures, Romania. Since 2017, she is the director of the Doctoral School of UMFST. Rodica obtained her PhD degree from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures in 2003 in the field of visual evoked potentials for multiple sclerosis (MS). In 2005 she became the Coordinator of the Regional MS centre in Tg. Mures, at the moment with more than 1000 MS patients diagnosed, treated and followed. Her research interests are focused on the biomarkers for MS evolution and treatment response. She is the principal author in over 40 ISI research publications. A special interest covers developing predictive biomarkers of treatment response, research that has been materialized into numerous impact publications. She has been the recipient of several important research grants, such as the Merck Regional Grant for Central and Eastern European Countries 2017 Research Project, which developed an experimental model of peripheral mononuclear cell cultivation and isolation to develop personalised MS treatment. Rodica, as PI, has conducted more than 40 international clinical trials in the field of neurological pathologies and coordinates the national programme for acute and chronic neurological inflammatory disorders and fibrinolysis therapy for acute ischemic stroke. She coordinates 10 PhD students with impact research in the field of molecular biology, neuroimmunology and stroke. Her extensive clinical experience and dedication have served for more than 25 years at the Neurology 1 Clinic of Targu Mures, where she coordinates a team of 8 neurologists actively involved in academic and clinical research. She is a member of AAN, EAN, representing Romania in the subcommittee of demylinating diseases and she is a member in the director committee of the Romanian Society of Neurology.

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